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  • Offshore Decommissioning

    With continued oil price uncertainty, the advent of deepwater decommissioning and escalating abandonment costs, it has never been a more important time for the industry to demystify one of the most overlooked parts of […]

  • Onshore Market Conditions

    $18 billion worth of U.S. land rigs have fallen victim to the downturn. During the downturn, the rush to stack drilling and completion equipment has rendered an unprecedented amount of invested capital unproductive. Looking […]

Case Studies

General Land Office of Texas

Members of the current Rose team (while operating under the Xtreme Recycling brand) were faced with the daunting task of clearing the coastal waterways of Texas from abandoned and derelict steel vessels (ADVs). These vessels fell under the jurisdiction of the General Land Office (GLO) of Texas. Some of these waterway hazards had been there for more than 100 years.

Problem: Because these vessels were semi-submerged, attempting to lift them would usually create more debris and hazards as they broke apart.

Solution: An industry-unique, barge-mounted shear and long-reach grapple was used to cut and pull these ADVs from their abandoned locations, all under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Coast Guard, ensuring proper disposal and mitigating negative environmental impact. As a result of Rose’s expertise in monetizing scrap at its highest point, these ADVs could be removed at little to no cost to taxpayers.

O&G Fabricator (Exterran)

Exterran, a manufacturer and lessor of natural gas compression equipment, contracted Rose to manage the demolition and investment recovery of thousands of skid-mounted compression units located in 14 facilities across the U.S.

Problem: The weight and composition of these units made it cost-prohibitive to remove them whole for off-site processing. There was a complex mixture of salvage equipment (investment recovery), concrete, scrap iron (five different grades), aluminum, stainless steel and brass that had to be segregated.

Solution: Rose sourced, vetted and supervised several different demolition contractors to complete on-site processing and segregation of each commodity. Careful attention was given to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance. Rose and its contractors worked closely with Exterran personnel to meet their very high HSE standards. The majority of scrap was sold direct to various area steel mills across the country in order to maximize revenue. RFPs contacted hundreds of potential salvage equipment buyers in order to reach the top of the used-equipment market. The entire process was documented with complete transparency for Rose’s client.